The Roofing Company Wins 2021 Colorado Job of the Year- Vail Mountain View Condos

Granby’s The Roofing Company has won the highest honors in the Colorado roofing world, the Colorado Roofing Association’s Job of the Year title in the contest’s Division IV (Jobs over $850,000).

They won the award for the job they did at Vail Mountain View Condos in Vail. Their job was judged by an out-of-state committee of professionals in the roofing industry selected by the association. Recently, Sky-Hi News caught up Evan Johnson to ask a few questions.

SH: What were you scored on in this competition?

The committee scored each job on two main things. One was safety. What measures did you take to keep your crew and/or the public safe? How did your safety measures affect the execution, timeliness and costs of this project?

And the other criteria was this: What were the job conditions/site restrictions/unique circumstances that you dealt with for the Project that sets your project apart from others? Did you encounter access issues, strict deadlines, budget considerations, design considerations, acting as the general contractor, a multiemployer worksite, government restrictions, public exposure, third party inspections, or challenging weather conditions, etc.?

SH: What were some of the struggles in doing the condos?

Strict deadlines dictated that the job started in the dead of winter, January 2021.

Back-to-back storms pushed deliveries out, canceled cranes and closed I-70.

Snow had accumulated over 220 inches and required the crews to complete over 280 hours of snow removal to complete the metal roof sections.

Just getting crews to the jobsite was a task. Vail Mountain View provided zero parking at the job site. Our crews had to drop off all tools for the day, and, if they were lucky, find parking six blocks away. The next available parking was in Gypsum.

Also, COVID-19 didn’t allow the use of our 16-crew member van, which meant our crews had to get up even earlier (5 a.m.) to accommodate the extra shuttle trips to get everyone to the job site.

Vail Mountain View had zero ground storage and only 1,000 square feet of flat area for storage on the top of the roof. Shipments of material usually came all at once and we had to figure ways of storing 20,000 square feet of material at a time on a steep roof and keep it from blowing off, as I-70 was only 50 yards away.

Zero waste was allowed to be tossed off the roof. Each piece was cut down and lowered through the 3-by-3-foot roof hatch, where it was carried to the fourth floor until it could be reached by a telescopic forklift with a hooper dumpster.

And lastly, the roof assembly/vented nail base has over five additional steps. The Vented nailbase system cannot have any moisture between the components and is a very time sensitive system to install material. Each step had to be finished same day and crews could not walk off (the) job site until steps were completed.

SHN: What is the Roofing Co.’s secret to success/winning an award like this?

There were over six different components to Vail Mountain View (flat roof, metal roof, insulation, ice melt system, gutters, snow fence) with 10 different manufacturers. It was The Roofing Co. project coordinators’ job to order and organize delivery of over 200 different parts and pieces. Several project managers made sure each piece was installed correctly and in the right order. And most importantly, our crews who get on the roof on a minus 10 degree day and continue to work in grueling weather and meet incredibly hard deadlines.

SHN: What projects have you done in Grand County?

Winter Park: Rendezvous, Fireside Market, Timber Fox, Zephyr Mountain Lodge, Fraser Rec Center, Hideaway Station

Fraser: Fraser Distillery, Fraser Elementary,

Granby: East Grand Schools, Ace Hardware, Thompson Drive in Grand Elk, Debbies Drive In

Granby roofers take peak award