4 Things to Expect From a Professional Roof Inspection

At least once a year, you should have a professional roofing contractor check your roof. The best time to schedule it is early in the fall or spring, or after a severe storm hits your area. By having your roof inspected once a year, you can prevent a lot of problems and avoid expensive repairs in the future. 

Roof Inspection

Here’s what you can expect from a roof inspection by a professional:

1. Structural Inspection

First, your roofers will look for signs of damage on your soffit, fascia and gutter system as well as uneven roof planes. They may also inspect your brick chimneys for cracking, crumbling grout or broken chimney tops. Your roofer will also inspect the attic vents, as faulty venting can lead to heat and moisture buildup. Poor ventilation reduces the roof’s service life and increases the chance of ice dam formation during the winter.

2. Material Inspection

Your professional will then inspect your shingles, taking note of those that are missing, loose or curling. Your roof may be nearing the end of its life span if they discover shingle granules on the roof valleys or in the gutter troughs. They will also look for stains, moss, and corrosion. Rubber boots and seals around vent pipes are also checked as well as they are sensitive roof components.

3. Interior Inspection

On the inside of your home, your roofer will look for signs of water intrusion and leaks. They may get up your attic and look for water stains, mold, rot, and other signs of water damage on your interior ceilings and walls. If there are streaks of light entering from the outside, your roof may have undesired openings that need to be sealed. In order to reduce heat loss and make the roof system healthier, the roofer may recommend adding insulation to the roof.

4. Workmanship Inspection

Finally, the roofer will inspect the quality of your roof’s construction. Keep in mind that any flaws in the construction could lead to leaks or other roof damage in the future. For example, if there is any improper flashing around your vent pipes or chimneys, your professional roofer will make the necessary repairs.

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